Here's where you're going:

Location: St Benedict's Church, Bennett St, Manchester, M12 5ND

Time: 18:40 - 19:00 on Wednesday

How it will work

As you arrive, you'll meet a Climbing Clan check-in desk who'll give you a wristband to wear that evening and check you off the list.

You'll head upstairs to the Parthian Climbing Reception where another Climbing Clan volunteer will direct you onwards. If its your first time in the centre, they'll help you get the right things and make sure the Centre is happy.

You'll then head to the pairing room, usually in Basecamp Room - where someone will find you someone to climb with of a similar skill and mindset.

Announcements and Cake

Shortly before 8pm, someone will let you know that Announcements and Cake is happening soon and invite you to come and meet the Clan.

People will have brought snacks, savoury, sweet, shop-bought and home made to share. If you've brought something, feel free to share share it out. If you haven't - please help yourself.

After Announcements and Cake, some people will return for more climbing with their climbing partner, some will have to leave and some people will want climb with someone else.

After Announcements and Cake

If you find yourself without someone to climb with, find one of the organisers you met whilst checking in, and they'll find you someone else to climb with.

When you leave, tell the reception staff you’re leaving.

We want to make our events work as well as they can, so we can make it smoother, better, safer and happier for everyone

Fancy coming to an other Clan events?

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