Time: TBC on Thursday Evening

Before Thursday

On Wednesday at 12:00, signup will close and we will review the skills and locations of everyone who has signed up.

On Wednesday daytime you'll receive a facebook messenger Message confirming the crag you're headed to.

On Thursday

  • We arrive at the crag when we arrive - often at slightly different times.
  • We meet at the bottom of the crag.
  • Different leaders climb different things. If you're not sure if that's you, it's not you. ?
  • Other climbers then climb up those routes (if you're not sure if that's you - it IS you!)
  • Everyone is really friendly
  • We chat, laugh and share picnics together
  • The Messenger group chat is there to help answer questions now and on the night
  • Bring a jacket, cake and have fun!

One thing that'd be really helpful is to mention in the Messenger Group chat when you think you're going to arrive-ish. Anytime is ok - but its good to vaguely have a sense.

What should I bring?

Here's a kit list

Warm clothes, gloves, thick socks, more warm clothes and a hot drink are optional... but often recommend.

Fancy coming to an other Clan events?

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