Congratulations, you're now a member of the Climbing Clan!

First things first, please can you:

Here’s how everything works.

Our community facebook group and our members facebook groups are the centre of our world. Almost everything the Clan does is either advertised or discussed using Facebook. To get the most out of the Clan, a facebook account is required.

How to go on official Clan trips

Trips are advertised on the members facebook group - often with some kind of form that you need to fill in to sign up for them.

As this system manages all the requirements of these trips - from insurance, to food choices, to skill levels and transport and lifts - it's important that they are filled in by everyone attending.

How to go on unofficial, ad-hoc Clan trips

On the members facebook group - you may see people going for climbs and inviting others along. You’ll be more than welcome - do your best to proactively communicate your own skill level and check theirs with them, in advance, to avoid confusion.

How to go on training events

Training is organised on facebook and events will be shared in the members facebook group. If you’re interested in specific training, please chat to the training officer.

How to cancel Clan Membership:

If you wish to cancel your Clan Membership, please inform the Secretary in writing - secretary at before 2nd of Jan.


The current Exec committee is:

President: Ryan Miller

Chair: Tim Dobson

Secretary: Antonio Lopez 

Treasurer: Eleanor Thomas

Climbing Sec: Kirsty Hawksworth

The current Non-Exec committee is:

Indoor Climbing officer: Halina

Outdoor Climbing officer: Antonio Lopez

Climbing Training officer: Mark Kirvan

Climbing Trips officer: Tom Rowley

2 x Social sec(s): Jean-Baptiste & Lucas Bain

Online, tech and comms officer: TBC

Safeguarding designated person: Tim Dobson

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