This includes

  • the plan
  • what to bring
  • where to drive to

Key people:

  • Trip director: Tim
  • Lift Sharing co-ordinator: Lucas & JB
  • Trip reporter: all of you


Please be encouraged to take Lateral Flow Tests and play it safe - don't come if you have symptoms. Let's keep the Clan safe. <3

I need a lift?

You should know who you're getting a lift with now.

What to expect from the day

Times are all subject to change, but should be vaguely accurate and to start conversation.


09:30Wake up
10:30Pleasant time to leave Manchester
12:40Meet at Froncysyllte basin (here)
13:00Meet Canoe people and get boats on water (here)
16:00Give the Canoes back

What if the weathers bad?

Canoeing will occur in anything except extremely high winds.

What should I bring?

normal text: things you definitely need
italic: optional things you might like to have


The chances of you getting damp is high. The chance of you getting soaked... is low. Therefore it's best to be prepared

  • Clothes you don't mind getting wet (on your body!)
  • Waterproofs (in case it rains)
  • Spare change of clothes (to leave in car)
  • Towel (to leave in car)
  • fingerless cycling gloves
  • suncream
  • sun hat
  • drink
  • snack
  • any medication you need

Canoeing things

  • If you have your own watersports gear that you like, bring that. Otherwise buoyancy aids are provided.

If you have your own boat, you need everything.

  • boat
  • paddle
  • knowledge
  • buoyancy aid

Can I bring my phone?

Yes, but if it's not waterproof and attached to you - it's really your fault if it gets broken or lost. The risk of losing or breaking a phone above 50% if it isn't waterpoof and attached to you so... you can choose what risks you take.

Where am I driving to?

You are headed precisely to here, but read on for a second.

Froncysyllte Community Centre


The parking location is about 50-100m walk from the launching location, but there's likely to be free parking there. There isn't likely to be parking available at the meeting location.

If you're first to arrive

If you are the first one there, drop a message in the group chat.

Where to meet

We're meeting at the Canal Basin here


Got any questions? Suggestions? Not sure if something you have is suitable? Ask in the group chat and we’ll reply super quickly - always happy to clarify things.

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