Summer Solstice Climb and Picnic


➡️ When: Tuesday 21/06
➡️ Where: Windgather Rocks
➡️ Free
This will be a chill, informal, social climbing session – for people of all abilities, to celebrate the longest day, and have a fun climbing picnic together watching the sunset!

If you’re climbing, you’ll need at a minimum:

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Shoes

(for more information about how it works – see below)

Sign Up closes in
06/21/2022 06:00 pm



How does it work?

This is a super informal social climbing session.

People may not be as willing to support you if you’re new to climbing as you might expect on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. People are getting together to climb with friends, have a picnic and enjoy the sunset together.

If you’re a less experienced climber and you specifically want to be buddied up with people for guaranteed climbing, you’d be better off sticking with the regular Wednesday and Thursday sessions that the Climbing Clan runs. But if you’re happy to just come along and see what the evening brings, you’re more than welcome 🙂

What time and where will be climb?

Windgather Rocks.

We’ll be there from middafternoon til sundown.

The Picnic may kick off around 8pm. Ish.

It should be fairly obvious which we are. We’ll be large group.

I’ve never climbed outside before can I come?

Sure. This may not be the time you do your first outdoor climb though. It’s a fun session for friend to get together and have a picnic enjoying the sunset.

If you want to climb, you’ll need the minimum kit – we don’t have helmets people can borrow.

What will I do if I’m not climbing?

Eating, chatting, socialising, watching the sunset.

What if I can’t come anymore?

You must tell us before signup closes.

Why do I need to signup?

Because if we have everyone’s details, then we can get things done properly.

I don’t have a car? Can I lift share or something?

Sign up. Often we can help connect you with other people in the same direction who can give you a lift and help get you there.

Should I bring cake?

Yes. Bring cake, snacks, and picnic food to share. Be prepared to take home whatever is yours that isn’t eating.

If you have dietary requirements, bring something that meets your requirements (and make yourself popular by making it obvious to other people that it is safe for people like you)!

What’s the minimum skills I need to come?

The minimum you need is top rope belaying skills. It’s strongly recommended you develop your lead belaying skills too. You don’t need to be able to lead climb, but lead belaying is something you should consider working towards soon.

Is outdoor climbing hard? Do I have to be very good?

Outdoor climbing is just like indoor climbing – it ranges from very easy to very hard. People can enjoy it from those who’ve recently started climbing, to those who are skilled trad and sport cimbers.

My friend wants to come. They can’t top rope belay yet – can they come?

Sadly not. The minimum skills needed to come outside with us are being able to Top Rope belay, and it’s best to learn this indoors. They’re welcome to come on one of our indoors Extra-Welcoming sessions.

What kit do I need?

You need to have: your own harness, belay device, Climbing Helmet and climbing shoes. A nut key is not required, but a good investment.

I don’t have some part of the kit, can I borrow or hire it?

This is the minimum – and it’s our suggestion that these would be good purchases. The Clan doesn’t have any to lend, and we don’t know anywhere you can hire them to take on our events. It may be possible to borrow something if you ask on the facebook group, but as Decathlon sell Climbing Helmets for ~£20, we’d suggest you trust your life to one you know the history of.

Should I volunteer?

Help is always welcome, and helping reguarly will place you top of the list to be trained. And it’s nice to give back.

Do I need to be able to lead climb?

Absolutely not.

Are places limited?

Not really – everyone is welcome.

What about the weather?

The UK weather is never predictable, and looking at the weather forecast is rarely particularly helpful ahead of time – unless you want an excuse to stay at home and not climb.

Will this be an opportunity to learn new skills?

Almost certainly not.

How can I learn to lead trad?

The Clan will organise training sessions