Have a go at Archery with the Clan


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16th of August - 6:30pm to 9pm

Archery is a traditional sport that requires precision and strength. Why not have a go with the Clan?

The Clan we will be trying archery at is Assheton Bowmen, located at Tudor Lodge, Victoria Avenue East, Manchester M40 5SH.

The sessions is from 6:30pm to 9pm

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What to wear:

Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing, nothing that is too loose fitting as loose clothing can catch in bowstrings. We would suggest that you dress to be reasonably warm. Even though we have heating in the building, it’s a large space and the range can be cool. Especially make sure your sleeves are snug fitting. Also try and avoid clothing with dangling straps, strings or other items that could catch on the bowstring.

Please avoid long ear-rings. If you have a lip or eyebrow piercing, we suggest you remove the piercings when shooting. Please tie back long hair.

Please wear sensible footwear, you will not be permitted to shoot on the range in open-toed footwear such as sandals.

Please bring a belt for a quiver.

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