Extra Welcoming Wednesday Evening Climbing Clan 07/12


When: Wednesday 7th December
What time: Starting between 6:40-7pm
Parthian Climbing Manchester in Ardwick or Summit Up Climbing in Oldham
Open to those who can already belay, and those who don't belay yet whether you've been before or not

What else?

  • You can hire harness, belay device and shoes if you need them
  • Bringing cake or snacks to share encouraged.

First time? More Q&A's below ⤵️

Sign up closes in
12/07/2022 07:00 pm

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  • This is one of our Extra-Welcoming sessions on the first Wednesday of every month where people new to belaying are welcome

I've never climbed with you before. Can I come this week?

Open to everyone - whether you've never climbed before, or are a regular Climbing Clan member or have climbed a bit before but never with us.

If you've already climbed before and can pass the Parthian Manchester belay test to be an independent climber - please come along this week, we'd love to have you.

If you've never climbed ever before, this is for you. Please come along!

Should I bring cake?

Some people like to bring cake, snacks, savoury items, and other food to share at 8pm.

If you'd like to, it might be one way to give back to the group.

Who are the key organisers?

Halina and the Indoor Wednesdays team

Do I have to sign up every week?

Yes - let us know you're coming.

I can't make it anymore. What do I do?

You must tell us ASAP by messaging us here. Signing up when you can't come will prevent other people from climbing.

Can I hire equipment?

Yes. You can hire harnesses, belay devices, shoes and even a chalkbag if you like.

What is the Clan?

The Climbing Clan is a group of supportive, friendly people who like to encourage each other to climb and eat cake. Sometimes at the same time.

We support an open, inclusive and accepting atmosphere for all members, whatever their ability or ambition.

Is this a for-profit, professionally run event?

The Climbing Clan is fully run by volunteers. No-one in the Clan is compensated. Nobody is using or assumed to be trained to professional qualifications unless they tell you otherwise in writing.

Everyone that comes to Climbing Clan events recognises that:

that climbing, scrambling and hill walking are activities with a danger of personal injury or death, and by taking part acknowledge they are aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

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