Climbing Clan Llanberis Weekend


Members Price: £49

Dates: 17th – 19th June

Location: a mountaineering hut above Llanberis in Snowdonia.
Signup Opens: 15th May at 8pm

A long weekend of climbing, walking and adventuring near some of the best scrambles, hikes and climbs in Snowdonia.

There are just 18 places.

You can secure your place for a £29 non-refundable deposit, or pay upfront now and enjoy our standard Cancellation Policy.

Climbing Clan members get £25 off the usual price for this trip.

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We’re headed to Snowdonia for a weekend of Scrambling, Hiking and Climbing from a hut above Llanberis.

We’re located in a great base for tackling Snowdonia and a short drive or drive from many memorable climbing destinations including the Slate Quarries.


Breakfasts, Packed Lunches and Saturday and Sunday night dinner is included in the cost of the trip.

We’ll be recruiting volunteer chefs and will be looking for helpers with prep, washing up etc 

Tea, coffee and milk will also be provided (the coffee might only be instant though…maybe pack your cafetière!).

It may be worth bringing some snacks and cake.


Special Diets

All dietary requirements  and allergies will be catered for – Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Kosher, Meativore, allergic to pepper, etc – please express it on the sign up form

Climbing Clan Food

What am I paying for when I sign up?

The members price is £49, with any excess going to support future trips.

Signing up pays for

  • Accommodation Friday and Saturday night,
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
  • Packed lunch on Saturday and Sunday
  • Saturday night dinner,
  • Plus we’ll stock the kitchen with tea bags, coffee, milk (dairy and non-dairy), loo roll and washing up stuff.

About the Hut​

The hut is owned by Chester Mountaineering club, and has alpine style beds, toilets and hot showers and is located above Llanberis


What do I need to bring?

A full kitlist is here

You definitely need to bring a sleeping bag and your own towel.

You may wish to bring a Saturday evening outfit.

Pillows aren’t provided so. Kitchen basics and loo roll will be provided as described above.


What activities will we do?

This is primarily a climbing and scrambling and hiking weekend, but climbers being climbers there may also be some swimming or other outdoor activities going on.

Anything climbing will be arranged ad-hoc though, the main plan is to have fun times together as a group and celebrate the last year.

I can't make it for the whole trip, can I get a discount?

You’re very welcome to come – but unfortunately we can’t offer you a discount. Do come along!

(also see the lower question about coming for the day)

Common FAQs

I don’t have a rope or any trad gear – will I be ok?


You just need to own your own personal gear:

  • Harness
  • Climbing Helmet
  • Belay device and karabiner
  • Climbing shoes

What climbing skills do I need to know?

No climbing skills are required other than top rope belaying, but if you can lead belay or better – that is very helpful.

I don’t have any outdoor climbing experience yet, but really want to climb on the weekend. Will you be running training beforehand?

There may be great climbing opportunities, but if the weather is grim, the more experienced climbers will not want to climb so you won’t be able to.

Can I bring a dog?

We love dogs, but sadly dogs are not allowed on this trip.

I don’t drive, can I come?

Yes. We will arrange lifts for people who can’t drive. Different people bring different skills – it usually works out in the end. 

Can I come for the day?

This usually doesn’t work.

All plans are made the night before, usually changing 3-4 times during the night and changing at least once in the morning. This makes it extremely difficult to tell anyone where to be and when. It might be possible to come for the day, if you were prepared to arrive at the hut at ~7am and were prepared for mountains of faff and uncertainty.

You also won’t be able to stay for any social bits on the Saturday night, where the group really gets to know each other.

What are we most likely to do?

Good question. Depending on who comes, everyone’s levels of experience and motivation, and the weather, we’ll make plans on Friday and Saturday and Sunday nights for the next day.

What if there’s bad weather?

Mountaineering isn’t usually a good sport if the weather is wet. However, there will be some plan B’s in case of unexpected issues (such as really heavy rain). These could be:

  • Go for a scramble
  • Go for a walk
  • Go indoor climbing
  • Go to a museum or tourist attraction
  • Go to the pub

Is this a for-profit, professionally guided event?

The Climbing Clan is fully run by volunteers. No-one is compensated for sharing their climbing and rope skills amongst the group. Nobody is using or assumed to be trained to professional qualifications unless they tell you otherwise in writing.

Everyone that comes to Climbing Clan events recognises that:

that climbing, scrambling and hill walking are activities with a danger of personal injury or death, and by taking part acknowledge they are aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

I have unusual dietary requirements. Will I be catered for?

Yes, you can let us know about your requirements in the sign-up form.

I can't make it. What's your Cancellation Policy?

What is The Climbing Clan?

A group of supportive, friendly people who like to encourage each other to climb and eat cake. Sometimes at the same time.

We support an open, inclusive and accepting atmosphere for all members, whatever their ability or ambition.

Got a question we haven’t answered?

Ask it on the Facebook event and we’ll reply ASAP.

Feedback from previous trips

Being at the lower end of ability...being encouraged and cajoled into doing something, that you said you couldnt..😊"
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It's great to get concentrated climbing practice. You learn at double speed.
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"It's well organised, people seem happy to share kit and expertise and encouragement. "
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Hadrians Wall Climbing Clan trip
It is such wonderful opportunity is get know and then understand other Clan members. As well as turn sterile indoor climbing experience into a working skill!
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