Climbing Clan Membership

From: £31.50 / year and a £31.50 for the rest of this year

The Climbing Clan is affiliated with the BMC.

When you get Climbing Clan Membership, you get:
  • Concessionary Discount at Parthian Climbing in Manchester
  • Concessionary Discount at Summit Up Climbing in Oldham
  • Discounted Weekend Trips
  • Organised Training Events
  • Access to the Members Facebook Group
  • BMC Membership and Third Party insurance
  • Access to BMC travel insurance
  • Knowledge you’re part one of the most welcoming and supportive Climbing groups in the UK

How much does membership cost?

£31.50 today, covering all of 2022.

At the start of Jan, it’ll be £31.50 for the whole of 2023

Already a BMC member?

You can probably get a bit of a refund from the BMC directly. See FAQ down below.

Founding Member Mugs?

We’re offering you the opportunity to order a “founding member”/”founding benefactor” mug along with your membership. You’ll pay a little more, support the Clan and have something everyone will envy and only a select few will have. See lower down for more info.


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Why is The Climbing Clan getting membership?​

"I wanted The Climbing Clan to continue and thrive even if I wasn't there to support it anymore."
Tim Dobson

Since the start, The Clan has relied on several key volunteers putting in lots of energy.

As the Clan has grown, it’s become clear that it has provided a lot of good things to many people.

It was felt that it would be a tragedy if a change in personal situation caused the decline or loss of The Clan and all that is special about it. By becoming constituted, a process exists to allow The Clan to become all its members want it to become.

What's going to change?

It’s now possible to become a Climbing Clan member, and it’ll be strongly encouraged or required to be a member to come on weekend trips and organised training events.

Members will be able to access concessionary rates at Parthian Manchester.

There’s now a bank account in the name of the Clan that holds the Clan money rather than informal personal bank account.

That’s, err, about it.

Will Wednesday night stay open to all?


Is Tim stepping away?

Nope – he’s here, and has recruited a great committee of familiar faces to help run the Clan with him, who will be announced shortly.

Can I read the constitution?

Sure. It’s here

There’s also some other fun policies and documents linked here.

What's all this about mugs?

The Clan currently has loans to assist with cashflow and weekend trip deposits that equal about £1100. Even though the Clan has never lost money, it probably needs more cash to secure the reservations at we need for the weekend trips we have planned for Summer 2022.

We wanted to offer the opportunity to the Clan to show their support and to grab themselves an exclusive gift to show that they were there at the start – and raise some money to support the Clan in the process.

Everyone has the same rights and status as a member of the Climbing Clan of whether they choose to support the Clan by getting a special mug.

Do you know what the Mugs will look like?

Not yet – these will be things of beauty – the envy of the Clan, your office or any kitchen.

Will I be able to change my mind and get a Founding Members mug later?

We’re making a limited number so they won’t be on sale later, and they’ll be personalised just to you, so probably not.

How will I receive my mug?

It will be delivered by post within 4 weeks.

Give me the low down on the details of these mugs? Help me picture them?

They’re 300ml. Completely stainless steel apart from the design finish. Gloss finish. Insulated to protect your hands.

How much does membership cost?

If paying by Cash, BACS, Cheque, Bitcoin or wheelbarrows of pence pieces, membership costs £51.50/year and runs from 1st Jan for 12 months.

However, if you’re paying on card, there’s a hefty discount and it costs just £31.50, renewing on the 2nd of Jan.

And when you join after halfway through the year, there’s a further 50% discount.

So if paying by card, for the rest of 2021,  it costs just £15.75 – which will renew at £31.50 on the 2nd of Jan.

My situation's changed. I don't want to be a member anymore, can I have a refund?

Sadly memberships are non refundable. Our Cancellation Policy is here.

I'm already an Individual BMC member. What do I do?

If you’re lucky enough to already be a BMC member who pays for membership directly, read on.

Regardless of whether you’re already a BMC member, we have to take money from you, and pay for you as normal to fulfill our club requirements to the BMC.

However, then you have two options:

1) Cancel your individual membership and just keep your club affiliation membership.
2) Change your individual membership to a “club upgrade” which gives you all the benefits of an individual member.

In both cases, you may be due a refund – though how much depends – as renewal dates for individual membership vary.

To do either of these things, please email [email protected] with your name, the fact you’re now a Climbing Clan member, your BMC number and what you wish to happen with your membership.

Some things to be aware of

If you cancel your individual membership and just have club affiliation membership, you get two less benefits.  These are

  • Club members only get 1 hard copy of Summit a year (usually the March edition) instead of 4.
  • Club members get the liability insurance benefit of up to £15 million where as Individual Members additionally get the Personal Accident cover of up to £10,000

If you wish to retain these benefits you can change your membership category to ‘Club Upgrade’.  The cost for this at present is £15.20/year on top of your Climbing Clan annual membership. (It takes into account the amount paid already through the club.)

The best people to ask about this is the BMC – contact the email above and if you’re struggling to get hold of someone, contact the Climbing Clan secretary who’ll put you in contact with the right people.

I'm already a member of a BMC Club. Can I get a refund for duplicate insurance?

If you’re lucky enough to already be a BMC member via an Affiliated Club, you can get refund of your duplicate fees.

Simply fill in the form on the BMC website and return that to the BMC HQ.

Is this money paying someone in the Clan?

Absolutely not.

Our constitution explicitly forbids this:

6.14    No member is allowed to personally accept payment for sharing skills or experiences with members within the club. All monetary donations must go to the club.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can either write to the Secretary in writing by emailing secretary at before 23:59 on the 1st of Jan.

Can I buy membership for someone else?

At the moment, we’d like everyone to sign up for themselves.

I have another question?

Feel free to message The Committee directly or post in the Facebook Group.